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Hello all,

Wanted to get some feedback on detecting pain. Ruby has been panting. I know, gasp! Yes, it is summertime, but Ruby periodically has been having these tongue haning down to her paws, heavy panting moments. They don’t last very long <5 minutes, and they aren't because of heat (sometimes happen indoors in the AC) and not because of exertion.

(Ruby’s cancer background–Stage 1/low grade fibrosarcoma, amputated rt. hind 3/18. In April, noticed some small, subcutaneous bumps on chest/front legs. Had a needle biopsy on 4 of them, and one sample came back low grade cancer. Currently 6 small bumps total, a few have changed slightly in size, still quite small in appearance. I made decision to not remove because they were all over, with the margins needed I was concerned that she would be miserable, and was worried that we would be “chasing bumps”. Her preop chest xray in March was clear, Kidney ultrasound in May was clear)

Which brings me to my question–panting. Should I be concerned about pain? Lung mets? If you have any personal experience, could you share? Until the amputation, I thought Ruby was much softer than she actually is–she was a trooper during recovery, and still is. I defintely worry enough for the both of us!

Tripawd Ruby & Daisy’s mom

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

I was so excited yesterday. My order of new toys arrived. I had a fresh supply of squeeky tennis toys (well, squeeky till I rip a hole in them), a new rubber ball, AND a stuffed squeeky squirrel (lets call him SS) Because I am an expert chewer, Mom usually limits my toys to the nylabone variety. But SS was made for “tough” chewers and had no stuffing and replaceable squeekers so she thought it would be able to withstand my rigorous quality control measures. SS was a very special treat, and one that I love (and deserve) very much. I loved it so much, I wanted it to be special like me. So SS promptly became a 3-paw too! What better way to let him know how special he really is. Mom thought he was so special that he should have a seat on the kitchen counter.

Did somebody say squirrel?

Daisy & I aren’t allowed on the kitchen counter, so SS must be reeeeally special!

Wags & Woofs,

ICE CREAM!This weekend we got a special treat. As I mentioned before its been really hot, so Mom thought some doggy ice cream would be a great treat. She didn’t like the ingredients in the store variety, so she thought she would make it herself. Here’s the recipe she used:

•3 ripe bananas (mashed)
•3T. peanut butter
•32 oz. plain yogurt
Combine with mixer or blender, freeze in small cups, ice cube trays or ziplock bags.

Needless to say, it was REALLY good. So good, infact, that I proceeded to grab the entire scoop and eat it by myself. Ok, Daisy got a little bit. Some may call me pushy, I call it confidence. Can you fault me for knowing what I want and going after it?

And for the record, I stole (most of) the ice cream but Daisy then stole my bed. I let her have that small victory, because I’m nice like that.

Wags and woofs,

Here in Ohio, it’s been very hot for a long haired girl like me.  I hadn’t been to the salon since before my surgery, so needless to say I was overdue.  That, combined with the various bald patches I acquired over the past few months (I tried to negotiate for a little trim, but said they needed to shave…hmphf). 
Yesterday, I finally had an appointment with my groomer.  Ok, I can’t say I appreciate everything she does to me (does anyone, can I see a show of paws???), but I guess that’s the pain of beauty.  I was there for a few hours, and when mom picked me up on her lunch break I was ready for a nap.  

Here’s a picture of freshly groomed me, enjoying the sunshine on my deck

Happy Thursday,


Ruby in here–

I came home over four years ago, as a three month old puppy on April Fools Day.  Yes, it should have been a sign, but I was the chosen one and welcomed with open arms.  I found ALOT of fun to get into, and liked to keep mom on her toes (while chewing on her shoes).  I still like to keep her guessing, but I try to be good.  We all have to grow up sometime, right?

Ruby & Daisy--the early years '07

When I was 1 1/2 years old, I got a setter sibling, Daisy.  Daisy is actually a couple months older, but I’m still the boss of the show…most of the time.  Like any sisters, we had our occassional squables at first, but mom put the kabosh on that. We play together sometimes, but my favorite activity is lounging and Daisy prefers to serve as backyard critter patrol.  Its fine by me, ’cause I have more room on the sofa. 

Flash forward to this year.  In January, we had some unusually nice weekends (by winter in Ohio standards) so we took some long walks.  Mom noticed I was limping about 1hr into the walk, and thought maybe I had pulled something playing at doggie daycare the day before.   We went walking the following weekend.  My paw hurt and I started limping again.  This earned me a trip to my vet, which turned into several trips to my vet and several new vets.  I know that Mom said it cost her a lot, but it cost my my LEG!  Not that I’m complaining.  I don’t miss it too much anymore…except when I have an itch.  Mom tries to give me lots of scratches, especially when she sees me trying to itch a spot I can’t reach anymore.  I don’t limp on walks anymore, and I’m getting back up to speed. More adventures to come….

Hello world!

Hello all!  Just getting started on our new blog.  Stay tuned for photos, updates, and pearls of wisdom from  the diva dog that is Ruby.

Ruby: Three Paws & A Big Heart is brought to you by Tripawds.

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